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About Us

1.    Vision

 To empower non-profit and civil society organisations to increase their funding sustainability.


2.    Mission

To provide comprehensive fund development training, coaching and support services through specialised content programmes.


3.    Description

SDG Consultants was established in 2010 in response to the changing concept of philanthropic and social giving after the 2008 worldwide economic recession.  Fund development has become integral to sustainability for many organisations that are reliant on funding support.  


SDG Consultants provides comprehensive fund development and project consultancy services to non-profit organisations, churches and other community projects to ensure their financial sustainability in the social and enterprise development sector.  


SDG Consultants’ Fundraising Portfolio includes more than R140 million in funding!


4.    Objectives

Our objectives are to provide professional fund development services that will:


  • Equip fundraising officers with the relevant knowledge needed for effective fundraising

  • Increase funding income and donor retention

  • Build strategic fund development capacity of individuals and organisation



        Mariley Liebenberg         

Mariley is a strategic analyst with a heart for capacity building of non-profit organisations through sustainable fund development services and training.  She has over 10 years’ experience in fund development, working with numerous organisations, from small grassroots community projects to large national networks, on strategic fund development solutions for civil society and the funding community.  Mariley was responsible for the Foundations and Trust Portfolio at The University of Pretoria and gained extensive experience in various sections of strategic fund development.

She established SDG Consultants in 2013 and provides scalable fund development solutions to non-profit organisations. She is also an internationally certified NLP Life Coach with a passion for people, relationships and linking prospective collaborations between corporate and community partners.

Operations Manager:

     Celeste van Wyngaard     

Celeste is a project management guru, with over 20 years’ experience in finance and administration, business management, events coordination and organisational support.  Her attention to detail is characteristic of her perfectionist personality and she is a devout timekeeper with a list-orientated mandate. 


Equal to her exceptional professional skills, is her kind-hearted spirit and passion for community development.  Celeste is a relentless optimist and the wife of an entrepreneur as well as mother to two beautiful daughters.  She represents our brand in all aspects of her being and plays a vital role in the next phase of our journey.







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